Tagawa Greenhouse It's About Plants

It's About Plants

For a plant to be AMAZING, it must be the best quality, give a high level of enjoyment, and be grown in a sustainable way. Our passion and core business is to be innovative in creating new ways to grow amazing plants.
Tagawa Greenhouse It's About People

It's About People

Working at Tagawa means you are joining our EXTRAORDINARY team of hardworking and talented individuals. We are committed to learning and understanding the importance of taking care of yourself and others around you.
Tagawa Greenhouse It's About Relationships

It's About Relationships

The RELATIONSHIP you cultivate with others is the foundation of an enjoyable and effective organization. We strive to be leaders through open and honest communication, and giving back to the industry we call home.
From humble beginnings to the Nation’s Leading Purveyor of Plants

From humble beginnings to the Nation’s Leading Purveyor of Plants

Read about our 50 year history in detail
Read about our 50 year history in detail

Tagawa Greenhouse had a very humble beginning. The Tagawa family began their odyssey in 1967. Frank and Hazel Tagawa taught their five boys and one girl, that hard work, honesty, dedication, leadership, and commitment to change are the key ingredients to a successful business.

Beginning by tilling the soil and producing vegetables, the family diversified by building their first carnation greenhouse and later produced bedding plants and roses. To be competitive, the family increased their product lines to include blooming plants, poinsettias and young plant production. The company has grown to become one of the top producers of plants in the United States.

Although we come from humble beginnings, we now grow more than two million square feet of plants at any given time. We are proud to produce annual and perennial seedlings and liners for greenhouses across North America. Nationally recognized big box garden centers and grocery chains trust our InColor Retail-Ready Plants to grow the finished annual and perennial products they sell all year to their customers.

While the products we grow are very different, what couldn’t be more alike is the expertise, care and passion that goes into the growth of each plant we touch. The greatest compliment our customers pay us is when they say there really is a difference with Tagawa. 

The legacy of the Tagawa family’s vision carries on with the next generation of owners which includes family and non-family members. 

For more than 50 years, our family has set the standard of excellence in our industry. The bedrock principle guiding our company has been working with integrity and transparency: building trust over time with our customers and the community.

Our Journey


Tagawa Greenhouse Opens

This is where it all started. Our corporate headquarters in Brighton, Colorado currently produces our vegetative and plug products grown from seed.

1967: Tagawa Greenhouse opens
1982: Tagawa Gardens Opens


Tagawa Gardens Opens

Tagawa Gardens is Colorado’s leading nursery and garden center. To learn more, please visit www.tagawagardens.com.


Joint Venture With Ball Horticulture

Tagawa Greenhouse establishes a partnership with Ball Horticulture and Ball Tagawa starts growing young plants in its California facility.

1989: Ball Tagawa Opens
1997: Tagawa Greenhouse (Foothills) Opens


A New Greenhouse In Golden, Colorado Opens

Tagawa Greenhouse (Foothills) opens in Golden, Colorado and is utilized as a sticking and production facility.


A New Greenhouse In Estancia, New Mexico Opens

Tagawa Southwest opens in Estancia, New Mexico and specializes in bedding plants, flowering plants, and succulents.

2004: Tagawa Southwest Opens