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PowerStarts by Tagawa | Liners, Plugs and Prefinished Programs

Tagawa Greenhouse Young Plants Division is now called PowerStarts by Tagawa! We're confident this new name and look represents what we do best — helping you establish a powerful start to your greenhouse and garden center operations with our vegetative liners, plugs and prefinished programs. Tagawa is one of the largest annual bedding plant suppliers in North America and we've been growing happiness for over 50 years.

PowerStarts by Tagawa has new and innovative varieties with vibrant tones, pops of color, and natural plants that glow! Offering Plugs in 128, 288, 324-Punchable and 512 trays. Liners are available in 50-cell, 102-cell and 200-cell trays. Save time and money with our Prefinished Program for quick and profitable turns.

Our partnership with Ball Seed® allows us to help grow your business. We continue to develop exciting options for growers, expanding our customer service and covering all your needs from our state-of-the-art facilities based in Denver, Colorado.

This long-lasting partnership with Ball Seed also allows us to provide world class logistics with a fast, effective and economical trucking network. This system of temperature-controlled trucks is here to deliver healthy, ready to transplant products directly to your greenhouse.

Our products are from the high light of Colorado. With the incredible sunlight from this area, our plants thrive in the warm days and cool nights, ready to ship. With every season, PowerStarts continues to innovate with game changing solutions for grower success.

Through our time-saving Seed Plug Program and Morel® Cyclamen Prefinished Program, you’ll find the perfect solution for quick turnarounds. At PowerStarts, we are your one source for liners, plugs and prefinished plants — to give you a powerful start!

Ball Horticultural recognizes Tagawa as a premier partner.

PowerStarts by Tagawa Vegetative Programs

Vegetative Liner Programs

PowerStarts uses the top breeders in the industry and produces consistent quality. We are a reliable source offering multiple trays sizes of 50, 102 and 200.
PowerStarts by Tagawa One-Stop Plug Shop

One-Stop Plug Shop

PowerStarts offers plugs in multiple tray sizes of 128, 288, Punchable 324, Punchable 432 and 512 of over 2,700 varieties from multiple seed breeders.
PowerStarts by Tagawa Prefinished Programs

Prefinished Programs

PowerStarts offers a Spring Prefinished and Fall Cyclamen program to save time and money for quick and profitable turns. Plan now for 2022.


Over 99% order fill

PowerStarts provides over 99% order fill and we're closing in on 100% with acceptable substitutes.

Increased buffer

To ensure full delivery, PowerStarts has 22% average buffer on seed-raised plugs and 8% buffer on vegetative liners.

Delivery solutions

Local or across the country, PowerStart's network covers all of North America and ensures the lowest possible cost.

A true relationship

Your Ball Seed sales representative and PowerStarts work directly with you to ensure maximum profits.

Live support

PowerStarts provides old-fashioned live customer support by calling (760) 497-1061.

Technical support

PowerStarts provides support from our experts in the field if you run into problems.


PowerStarts provides consistent and timely communication for all order and delivery ETA information.

Satisfaction guaranteed

PowerStarts takes great pride in making our customers happy. Exceeding your expectations is our goal.

PowerStarts by Tagawa: Liners, Plugs and Prefinished Programs

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